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The Truth And Nothing But The Truth
She arrived at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last month with a point to make - 'Whitney Houston Is Still The Diva Of Sex And Soul". The occasion was the Arista Records gala, in honour of the company's president, Clive Davis, the man who found and launched Whitney, who turned her from church choirgirl to superstar. For Davis, Whitney had not only to conquer the audience but also RUMORS about depression and drugs. She had denied all, and tonight she had do so with more that words.

Whitney whose greatest hits compilation CD has just been released needed to tell the world that she had not taken the well-trodden road from Baptist Church Choir to superstar bright and then superstar blight. To me , She was the singer who seemed to have everything but of late-behind the scenes, things seem to be falling apart for her. The REASON? She was someone that people look up to for numerous reasons. When you are a celebrity, this happens. The press takes this as an opportunity to sell their material and for the past days, weeks, actually months, It has been On Whitney.

Whitney Houston proved everyone wrong! Deploying a flashing smile, a low cut leopardskin gown and a diamond necklace. She was at the dazzling top of her game: she sang her signature song from The Bodyguard , "I Will Always Love You", throwing heart melting glances at her mentor.

The performance was her answer to her critics who said the diva was losing it and in danger of becoming a Billie Holiday figure.

Past Events-Haunting Whitney
· First, there was the bust at Hawaii Airport in January, when drugs were found in her handbag. Think about it? Why would someone , who have achieved so much wanna destroy the fame and glory she has in a split second. There must have been a mistake.
· Whitney gave the cameras the finger at the Grammy Awards. Rosie O'Donnell
sure did deserve it for pick pointing on Whitney during the whole show.
· In March, there came an upsetting flame -out at the Academy Awards. Whitney was not in good shape. It was said that she was unable to remember lyrics of songs and was reported be totally out of it. But the truth was, she was having throat problems. So Why Do People Presume Otherwise?
Elysa Gardner, who interviewed Houston during the singer's 1999 tour, had heard all sorts of bizarre stories about the singer's behaviour. "I 'd heard from various people in the media , who had occasion to see her in the working environment , that she could be erratic, that she was easily distracted , that she sweated a lot, all the symptoms you would associate with some kind of chemical problem," says Gardner , currently a music writer for USA Today. "To Be Honest With You, I Didn't See Any Of That . I Saw Somebody Who Just Looked Tired And Overworked , and I Felt For Her."
· Jane Magazine indicated that she arrived late for a cover shot, and when she did arrive she was "was acting really strange", says editor Jane Pratt. It was just that she had come from being treated by the dentist. Jane Pratt, U Ought to feel a shame on yourself. After all, she did come for an interview, is that the way you people show gratitude.

Houston, of course , has repeatedly denied having a drug problem, going so far as to tell one interviewer, "I am not a drug addict" and in a matter of fact, not anyone out there has come forward to allege on record that the singer has a substance abuse problem. Perhaps she is taking fault for hubby, Bobby Brown. In 1995, Bobby Brown spent time at the Betty Ford Centre being treated for alcohol abuse and was already named in a paternity suite. He has also been linked to other women. Brown has two children from previous relationships.

PEOPLE MAGAZINE ought to be a shame of themselves. Not only did they false a report on Whitney on of its issues , it is repeating the same contents of the previous issues to an issue now. What are the getting out of it? People magazine, for instance , quoted "Someone Close To Houston" who said Dionne Warwick , who is Houston's aunt and singer Natalie Cole were going to step in and speak to Houston about her problem.

HOWEVER, Warwick , when approached by reporters backstage at Arista Records' 25th Anniversary Concert in Los Angeles last week, denied the report , " I Don't Know Where That Came From," Warwick said

In recent cases, it is said that Robyn Crawford had finally deserted her "Crawford's" role in Whitney's Life . She has been Whitney's office manager for years, her best friend, her confidante, Whitney has even called her "the sister I never had" This is yet to be confirmed but the reason of Crawford's departure was due to a screaming match. After Crawford had left her job at "Whitney's New Jersey-based management company, Nippy Inc, to find a "new life" in California. Crawford, it is said, could stand pretty much anything from her diva -sister , until the "Soul Train Awards" in LA. George Michael had flown in form London for the event and to record a duet with Whitney for her greatest hits album. It is said that Whitney kept George waiting a week, Crawford complained to office colleagues, Whitney got wind that Crawford was "talking behind her back" and "went ballistic", Crawford said, "If you are going to talk to me like that, I quit". Come On Robyn? You guys have been together for a long time now, fights like this happen, we just have to forgive and forget. Please don't take this as an opportunity to spread more rumors about Whitney…

In another matter, it is said that Whitney's website is again plastered with fans praying , so call urging her on and fretting for her . This is totally ridiculous, it's BULLSHIT, instead of this, all fans around the world are praising her for her marvelous work with her Greatest Hits Package.

This has to STOP and It has to STOP immediately. Whitney as we all know, is elegant, versatile and beautiful. Critics, however find her material to safe. This is the reason behind all the stories that has been buggin her. It is always mentioned in the news that , for instance
· "a close friend of Whitney said "
· "a source close to Whitney Houston said"
· "It clearly shows that"

Even though Houston has been one of pop music's reigning divas for more than 15 years, her image remains as cleaned scrubbed and wholesome as it was when she was a 19 year old ingenue.

As such, dishing the dirt on her "so called" dark secrets seems somehow tawdrier than similar gossip about, say , Madonna or Barbara Streisand and that probably makes journalist less eager to cast the first stone.

Recently, "Star Magazine" with Houston on the cover offers a cover line in which the singer appears to say, "Please, I Need Help." But Does She…………….

Anthony DeCurtis, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone who has interview Whitney Houston twice, believes Whitney Houston has too strong a support network ever to get seriously into trouble. "It seems to me that Whitney is a valuable enough commodity , not to put too fine a point on it , that if people wanted to do an intervention, they would". He added "She also comes from a fairly tight family," he said " It's just hard to believe that things could get really bad without somebody stepping in" My Point is, this proves it all, if ever she was in any possible trouble, she would not have to go and seek help as she has her family there, in particular her Mother, Cissy Houston.

So, I would like to end by saying that, Whitney is still the same person we all knew some time back, So lets pray that the press will stop haunting her and leave her in peace.

A judge has sentenced Bobby Brown to 75 days in jail for violating his probation for a drunken driving conviction.

"I just want to continue on with my sobriety and get back home to my family," the singer told reporters after last week's sentence. "It 's been really tough." A prosecutor agreed to drop the most serious charge against Brown , that he failed a drug test by testing positive for cocaine. In return, Brown pleaded guilty to refusing to take a second drug test and failing to return from a trip to Beverly Hills , California on time.

Brown has been in custody since May 10. He will remain in Broward County Jail until July 8.

Brown spent five days in jail in 1998 and was placed on probation for one year after he was convicted of drunken driving and causing an accident on August 17 , 1996.A warrant was issued for Brown's arrest last June after his probation officer said he tested positive for cocaine in a urine test.

Bruce Lyons, Brown's attorney, said Browns and wife WHITNEY HOUSTON should be able to spend their July 18th wedding anniversary -their eight -together..

The SUPERSTAR SINGER has been absent from her husband's court proceedings , but Lyons said she had visited him since his arrest. "She wants to help him, not hurt him. If she showed up today it would have been a major zoo," Lycons said….