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Greetings !
I am HornyShauny, the whitneypage.20m.com webmaster. Ok, Please don't get the wrong idea of me as I am not as horny as u think I am, It's just that my friends gave me the name and I think it sounds pretty nice and it rhymes well too. I have been a Whitney Fan from the first time I laid my eyes on her. I was 8 years then and ever since, I have always dreamt to meet her someday and still do. I pretty much came up of this idea as I just felt like doing it to show her that my love is definitely her love too.Ok, I have to thank a very good friend of mine , Darren Teoh-for helping me get started . Thanks man!

"Greatest Love Of All" was the first song that I sang and I actually won a prize for that. Basically, it was Whitney who gave me the encouragement to start singing. I have not gone far in my singing career in Malaysia as I sincerely feel that the music industry in Malaysia sucks so bad, and I mean real bad. As time passed by, I no longer sing her songs due to the difficulty in carrying the song and now it just leaves me listening to it only.

Introducing Whitney to the world was the greatest thing the Music Industry has ever done. She had, has and will always have the greatest voice of all time and it has Never! Never! I mean never at all have I felt bored listening to her over and over again moreover the same song. It has been about 13 years now, since I fell in love with her voice, face, Wait a minute! What am I saying? Its not her face nor her voice....its Whitney! its everything about her right from top to toe.

As the years went by, she ventured in a totally different field the glamorous field the "Hollywood Thing" and she sure did us proud. GO GIRL! Not only is she listed down as an A-List Actress , She is also one of the highest paid actress of all times. I still watch her movies and here are the updates till now:

1) Bodyguard : Watched 17times
2) Waiting To Exhale : Watched 9 times
3) The Preachers Wife : Watched 3 times
4) Cinderella : "00ps, Forgot About That One"

As for myself, I am 20, currently pursuing my degree in Hotel Management in a hotel school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a Malaysian, born-and-raised, and that's my picture! I am pretty much sure that many of u are going to wonder "Where the hell is Malaysia." . Ok, Malaysia is located right above Singapore and I can ensure you that we are definitely bigger than Singapore and No! We do not live on trees.

I hope u guys will enjoy visiting my site from time to time as I ensure you , that you will be having loads of fun. This Website features a very interesting segment (scroll down). "My Friends" This is where I will place pictures of my friends from time to time and of course, an introduction.

"Count On Me Through Tick and Thin
Our friendship that will never end
When u are weak, I will be strong
Helpin you to carry on,
Call on me, I will be there
Don't be afraid, please believe me when I say

It also goes out to, my little cousin sister, Samantha Ann George who I think is "The Diva In the Training" That's all folks, Gotta go now, but before I do, I just wanna point of something that has been buggin my life.

1) Firstly, Whitney does not have a drug problem and if she ever does, its time for the press to go and mind their FUCKING business.
2) She was not bard from singing at the Oscars.
3) Get a FUCKING Life and leave her alone for god's sake!

I aint wanna point my facts as it aint the use man. It's just sad, this time around, its Whitney's turn for the limelight. Thou Shall Think before You Speak, Why would she just wanna destroy everything in a split second after having achieved so much? Think about it, I really do meant it.

From now on you can e-mail me regarding Whitney or in a matter of fact, anything at all.

I hope u have enjoyed your time here. See You Around. Thank You.

love, hugs and kisses
Horny Shauny
aka Shaun Joseph

  About Me
Ok,basically about me, there is nuthin much to say except that i am an ordinary guy who has the passion for RNBmusic and loves to sing. Hopefully, someday my dream of meeting Whitney Houston and singing a duet with her will come true....I Hope You Read This Whitney!

Shaun......That's my real name
  "No Music, No Life"
That was a performance some time back with my group mate, Timothy Chan. It was known as InnerSoulz....

My Singing Career
My God Sister

This is my sister,Samantha Ann George. She turned 3 years old on the 20th of May 2000. she is a great girl and i can assure u that she is definitely a diva in the making.

Samantha Ann George
The Diva In Training